Tree Plantings


  In November, members of the Institute planted two apple trees in the backyard of the CCI’s building.  The group chose to plant apple trees as a symbolism of their commitment to sustainability in terms of food production and supports the movement for locally grown organic foods.

            The group enjoyed digging and getting their hands dirty to put these trees in, and it was everyone’s first experience of planting a tree.  They also enjoyed spending time with a former resident, Deni, who used to live in the group home.  He enjoyed seeing the trees go in and commented on how they should have done something like this years ago.  Meeting Deni also served as a bridge for the house’s transition, making connections between new and old members, and re-enforcing the need for sustainable, empowered communities.

            This is the first of the tree plantings and is part of Mayor Menino’s plan to add 20,000 trees to the city.  In the Spring of 2011, CCI will have a more formal planting, inviting members and leaders of the community, including politicians.

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