CSC History


Community Care Institute is a division of Community Service Care, Inc.

Community Service Care, Inc. (CSC) founded in 1982, continues  the leadership of the President & CEO, Gerry Wright, over a fifty year history of working within the community, empowering individuals, families and institutions.  In the past 30 years, this tax-exempt 501(C)3 organization has focused work in one community in Boston and surrounding neighborhoods.  This community, Jamaica Plain, and its surrounding neighborhoods have been empowered with an abundant diversity of programs many of which have been coordinated through the Jamaica Plain Coalition and “Tree of Life/Arbol de Vida.”  The projects provide services and opportunities to all ages and all stakeholders of the community.  They range from family empowerment programs to the Jamaica Pond Project, from youth projects to senior citizen exercise projects, from Spanish Immersion language experiences to Police/Community Relations dialogue, from after school educational programs to work with individuals trapped by the many ugly tentacles of poverty who have not received support.  Through comprehensive programs in the fields of social justice, public health and conservation, thousands of citizens are empowered and given new ways to experience joy and good health.

Until June 2009, Community Caring housed troubled adolescents who were under the custody of the Department for Children and Families in small, community based group homes.  Financially, this program became the largest under CSC, and the group homes provided support for adolescents to strengthen their skills in order to help them transition from our residential-community based program to their homes or to an independent living situation.  In 2010, the organization transitioned from group homes for youth at risk to the Community Caring Institute (CCI).  Community Caring continues, though, to provide support and mentoring for former residents.

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